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David Husman pleads guilty for his hobby -- throwing rocks at trucks

Something to keep in mind while reading about our latest Schmuck of the Week, David Husman:

He's 42 years old.

Yep, there's no denying that Husman is a grown-ass man. Yet he's now reportedly pleaded guilty to the sort of behavior that most of us outgrow at about age six: throwing rocks at trucks.

But Husman took this prank to the next level. And he had a helper.

Sharing this tale is a publication that doesn't usually specialize in crime coverage: Land Line, which touts itself as "The Business Magazine for Professional Truckers."

But as you'll see, Land Line's readership would seem to have an obvious interest in Husman's bizarre hobby.

The mag's first account of Husman's activities quotes Virginia-based trucker Joseph Shelton, who was wheeling his 2013 International ProStar along I-25 near Colorado Springs this past July when a "rock the size of a softball" was hurled from the roadside and smashed into the passenger side of his rig.

Shelton was with a trainee, so he was able to pull over and chase after two people he believed were the rock throwers -- but they were able to hop on a pair of bicycles and escape.

Not for long, though. On August 15, an unidentified juvenile was quizzed by law enforcers about a different matter -- and over the course of the conversation, he revealed that he'd joined Husman in rock-throwing sprees "probably 100 times" over the past year or so, according to a police report acquired by Land Line.

The two typically used rocks, dirt and bottles, but on at least one occasion, they're said to have heaved a piece of metal rebar.

Here's a list of incidents noted in a separate probable cause statement quoted by Land Line:

April 11 -- officers take a report from Rocky Mountain Pre-Mix, alleging four of its company trucks were struck with rocks. One of the drivers, 53-year-old Leopoldo Montoya, was injured by broken glass.

April 11 and 12 -- A dispatcher from the Colorado Springs Transit Management files a report that one of the city buses was damaged in the area of Academy Blvd. and Hartford St. Bus driver George Borja was injured when broken glass struck his face.

June 15 -- Police take a report from Ramon Galen-Pena who said someone threw a rock onto the roof of his car from an overpass spanning northbound I-25.

June 30 -- Victim James Altmix reports his motor home took severe damage to the windshield when a large rock was thrown in front of his vehicle. Altmix was in the far-right lane of northbound I-25 near the Academy Blvd. exit.

Oh yeah: Husman apparently liked to target semi-trucks and the like "because they cannot stop easily," giving him and his little buddy the opportunity to get the hell away.

In the end, Husman was hit with eighteen felony and misdemeanor charges -- and in a followup article, Land Line reports that he pleaded guilty to one of them: felony criminal mischief. In exchange, he will reportedly serve 74 days in jail (he's been in stir since his August 16 arrest) and three years probation. Plus, he'll be required to pay restitution to the victims; total damage is estimated at just over $6,600.

No word about whether he'll also be forced to attend classes about how to act like a grownup.

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