David Sirota carries no water on AM 760

Jay Marvin, the morning host for AM 760, Clear Channel Denver's progressive talk outlet, has been out of commission of late, after undergoing gall bladder surgery. He's on the mend and expected to be back at the microphone next Monday. In the meantime, however, his most frequent fill-in, syndicated columnist David Sirota, has acquitted himself well due in part to his willingness to speak his mind even if he's got critical things to say about figures on the liberal end of the political spectrum. This morning, for example, he suggested that the mixed messages coming out of the Barack Obama White House in regard to executive bonuses at the insurance giant AIG suggested an administration in disarray -- a position that falls well short of boosterism. And that's fine by Sirota.

"The way I organize my own work is, I have positions on issues, and depending on where politicians are on those issues, I'll go after them or I'll cheer them on," he says, adding. "I'm not a water carrier for a party or an individual politician."

As a result of this approach, Sirota says, "I've been called everything from an Obama hater to an Obama-bot. That's because if I agree with Barack Obama on given issues, I'll say it, and if I disagree with him, I'll say that, too." During his most recent stint on AM 760 (and he's scheduled to appear mornings through the rest of this week), he's also targeted newly appointed Colorado Senator Michael Bennet because of his refusal to either support or oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, a measure that would streamline the process of union organizing.

"He's been in the paper saying, 'I'm not going to take a public position,' even though the Republicans and the other Democrats have," he says. "And while I'm hosting this show, we're going to do as much as we can to get him to explain why it's okay not to take a public position on something so important."

Sirota's willingness to gore politicians on both sides of the aisle produces interesting talk radio -- and while he's eager for Marvin, a good friend, to return, he'd love to work in the medium on a more regular basis if a new slot opened up. Until that fine day, however, he's making the most of the opportunity to share his views, which aren't nearly as predictable as AM 760 listeners might have expected.

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