David Sirota makes a monkey out of himself in debate, argues councilman Sean Paige

Yesterday, AM 760 host/columnist David Sirota and Colorado Springs city councilman Sean Paige took part in an on-air debate, with the honor of Colorado Springs at stake. But while the program has ended, the scrap isn't over, with Paige continuing to take swings at Sirota in a new, insult-laden Huffington Post essay.

The first shot comes courtesy of the headline: "Dueling With This David Made Me Feel Like a Mental Goliath." The second can be found in the lead paragraph, complete with an allusion to yours truly: "Some Westword media columnist hyped it in advance as a 'cage match.' The only cage I saw was the one Sirota kept rattling, while making a monkey of himself." And that's followed by this zinger: "Sirota runs his radio show with all the charm and good manners of a left-wing Bill O'Reilly -- minus the ratings."

Ouch! If this whole politics thing doesn't work out for Paige, he's definitely got the makings of a combative columnist -- or a talk-show host.

Listen to the face-off here, check out a Colorado Springs Gazette piece asserting that "the national media are turning Colorado Springs into a poster child of government cutbacks" by clicking here, and read Paige's salvo here. But be forewarned: These probably won't be the last words on this subject.

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