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David Tarver gets 88 years to life for molesting his own children -- and more

David Tarver has admittedly been molesting children -- most prominently his own -- since the late 1980s, at least.

Fortunately, that will stop, thanks to a just-imposed sentence of 88 years to life in prison. But no doubt the horrible offenses detailed in the arrest affidavit will linger for a lifetime.

The end of Tarver's terrifying reign can be traced to February 2010, when his 25-year-old daughter went to authorities in Denver about Tarver, known as Russ -- a shortened version of his middle name. She told an officer that he had been arrested for sexually assaulting one of his grandchildren in Wyoming. But she said this was hardly an isolated incident, and she wanted the sort of abuse that she and her siblings suffered at his hands to end once and for all.

Her first memory of being molested by her father took place when she was four-years old; the family was living in Texas at the time. As she recalled, he grabbed the back of her head and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

More incidents like this occurred over the years that followed, she said, including a rape that took place when she was twelve -- he subsequently begged her not to tell her mother what happened by offering her candy -- and an interrupted sleepover at age sixteen, after she had run away. After Tarver made rude comments about her and a friend she'd brought along with her, she went to her bedroom to lay down. A short time later, Tarver entered and began fondling her breasts. She responded by saying "I hate you" and punching him. The exchange was so loud that her mother heard, but according to the daughter, her mom assumed they were simply arguing.

From there, officers went to Tarver's youngest child, a boy. His molestations began early, too, with one incident of forced oral sex ending when the boy, then a third-grader, said he could no longer breathe. After the child told his father he didn't want to participate in such activities again, Tarver responded by smacking him.

Tarver's third child was victimized as well. He detailed thirteen incidents of sexual abuse, most of them taking place in Denver.

What did Tarver have to say about these reports? During an interview with cops, he didn't dispute the allegations. In fact, he said that he generally would abuse his kids on a weekly basis. And while he couldn't remember many of the details, he did confirm that in one instance, a daughter choked during oral sex, for which he said he was sorry afterward.

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He clearly owes a helluva lot more apologies than that. Tarver will begin serving time for his crimes in Wyoming, where he was also convicted of abusing that grandchild. His sentence is officially considered indeterminate, meaning he shouldn't get a chance to molest another youngster again.

Look below to see a larger version of Tarver's mug shot.

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