Day Five: Wherein I Get Blackout Drunk Because My Roommate Liked the Transformers Movie

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108-degrees today, but I’ve stopped caring about the heat. I experienced my first earthquake! It was very small and brief, but it still managed to send me flying from my bed and into the doorway for safety. I think I’m the only dork who has ever cowered in a doorway during an earthquake.

It looks like college won’t be happening this semester since I waited so long to get the ball rolling. I’ll have to wait for the winter semester to start in October. Of course by that time I’ll have a job and won’t be interested in any higher learnin’. Classic Orvedahl!

The roommate and his dog are settling in. I’m still analyzing his every purchase for clues. He chose furniture from Office Depot over Ikea and then said he enjoyed the Transformers movie. Stormclouds gather … I drank a few bottles of wine and tried to have a conversation with him but ended up passing out at some point. I’m sure he’s feeling good about his new living situation, stuck with a snooping creep who happens to be a blackout drunk.

I’ve realized I took a lot for granted in back in D-town. The abundance of good Mexican food (even though we’re two hours from the border, the food is garbage out here), but also the bike friendliness, the great bars, Watercourse Foods, etc, etc, ad nauseum. I’m excited to come back and visit; it will be nice to venture outside without wilting like a daisy.

I’ll see your ass this winter, Denver, and you better have a parade for me. Or at the very least some enchiladas. -- Andrew Orvedahl

Andrew Orvedahl is a comedian, and person, born and raised in Denver who recently moved from sweet Denver to Riverside, California. He hopes this Week in the Life blog series will provide a tiny glimpse into the magnitude of regret he feels.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.