Day of Rage protest: Video of Cop Pushing Down Woman, Communication and Rally Size Debate

Members of groups such as Occupy Denver and local affiliates of Anonymous often protest together, as was the case for a police brutality rally in April. But there seems to have been something of a communication breakdown related to Thursday's Day of Rage event, which decried the Ferguson, Missouri police killing of Michael Brown, whose funeral is scheduled for today.

In the wake of the gathering, which resulted in one arrest, there have been widely varied crowd estimates and surprisingly little outcry over a video showing the woman seen above falling to the ground after being pushed by a Denver police officer. Continue for that clip, photos from the scene by our Brandon Marshall and more.

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One telling tweet from the day after the protest is addressed to Operation Ferguson, which has become one of the main information dispensers for Brown-related protests. The tweet reads:

Expanding on this theme is a Friday post on the Occupy Denver Facebook page. The item castigates authorities for the aforementioned arrest before stating:

This brings up larger questions about the #DAYOFRAGE which many of us found out about only because it was posted on a website, it doesn't seem like any local organizers were working on this or in communication with #opferguson so we're curious how a protest got called in Civic Center Park. Seems like the only ones in the city that were actually prepared for a protest were the cops, and this is disconcerting.

In response, one commenter notes that he found out about the protest via Denver isdownWith Anons, and a number of Anonymous-related organizations tweeted about the protest before, during and after it took place. Here's one example -- a note calling for more participation:

The next day, another tweet suggested that the situation eventually improved:

Another tweet offers a far smaller crowd-size estimate:

Marshall's photographs show protesters numbering between these two extremes. Meanwhile, videographer Jesse Hanson captured a tense moment between rally participants and police in which the woman pictured at the top of this post is pushed by a police officer and falls to the ground. (Hanson describes her as a nun, while other Anonymous-related tweets call her a "Buddhist monk woman.") The incident takes place just past the clip's fifty second mark:

Occupy Denver subsequently shared another video of the Thursday protest prior to a Saturday event in which its members took part. A Facebook post that followed describes the Saturday event like so: "Occupiers were at the Denver Capitol tonight in solidarity with Ferguson. There was much support from passersby and minimal police presence."

Here are more photos from Brandon Marshall of the Thursday rally.

Continue for more photos of the Denver #DAYOFRAGE protest. Continue for more photos of the Denver #DAYOFRAGE protest. Continue for more photos of the Denver #DAYOFRAGE protest. Continue for more photos of the Denver #DAYOFRAGE protest.

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