Scenes from an anti-Trump protest in Washington, D.C., on November 11.EXPAND
Scenes from an anti-Trump protest in Washington, D.C., on November 11.

D.C. Dispatches: Covering the Pomp and Circumstances of Trump's Inauguration

It's going to get heavy. We all know it. We're not sure how, and we're not sure when. But the events taking place in Washington, D.C., this coming week are going to unfold like the plot of a paperback thriller. The protagonist would have it no other way. Whether you love him or hate Donald J. Trump, his inauguration will be historic.

And Westword will be on hand to cover the chaos.

I've been offered unique access to document some of the wilder and more harebrained disruptions that you'll be hearing about in D.C. over the next five days, from January 17 through January 21. The invite comes from the subject of my December profile piece, attorney Jason Flores-Williams, who is taking his brash style of litigation (he's the lawyer suing Denver in federal court over the homeless sweeps) to D.C. to shoot a pilot episode for a well-known television network in which he'll embed with activists resisting the new administration.

In preparation for the TV pilot, Flores-Williams rented a law office directly across the street from the White House. And after he sent out an e-mail offering pro bono legal representation to a national list of activist groups, his office is slated to be a staging ground for all sorts of fun, dangerous and outright insane acts of resistance. I'm going to watch how it all goes down.

But my goal isn't so much to write about Flores-Williams as it is to follow the people on the fringes of the inauguration – and that includes both Trump opponents and supporters. With an estimated one to two million extra people coming into D.C. for the circus, I'll seek out the personalities and disruptions that other reporters are missing – some of which I expect to learn about through the law office, others through serendipity.

In “D.C. Dispatches,” I'll share daily observations from the front lines. You can also expect to read about Colorado's influence at the inauguration, including interviews with the Colorado chapter at the Women's March on Washington on January 21 and other important things, like, you know, how many Colorado participants show up when 4,200 free joints are handed out at Dupont Circle on the morning of the Inauguration.

A shot of President Obama's Inauguration in 2009. Will Trump's be half as peaceful?
A shot of President Obama's Inauguration in 2009. Will Trump's be half as peaceful?

There will be a deluge of reporting coming out of D.C., but I intend to seek out not just the fun and the outrageous, but also the humanity within the festivities, and share them in these daily dispatches. Join me on westword.com.

Check Westword tomorrow morning for Chris Walker's first dispatch from D.C.

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