Dean Singleton says Dan Maes "probably isn't competent to be dog catcher"

In late July, after a Denver Post editorial argued that he wasn't qualified to be governor due to his poor business record, Dan Maes suggested that he might limit the Post's access if it didn't begin to cover his campaign more evenhandedly.

But Post publisher and MediaNews Group head Dean Singleton isn't backing off this opinion, declaring that Maes "probably isn't competent to be dog catcher."

Bonus irony: As his detractors love to point out, McInnis's work history includes a stint as, yep, a dog catcher.

In the July interview linked above, Maes said this about Denver's newspaper of record: "I'm very proud of the accessibility that I've supplied the media. But if the Denver Post continues along this path, it's possible this accessibility can be more restricted. That would be unfortunate, but they owe it to the voters to give a fair view, not just their view."

This argument holds up when applied to the Post's news pages, which aim for objectivity. But the editorial pages are all about the Post's take, and as a member of the editorial board, Singleton is regularly called upon to share his opinions.

Lucky thing, because he's got a lot of them, as listeners to Jon Caldara's KOA radio program discovered.

In addition to the dog catcher line, Singleton admitted to mixed feelings about the Post's Scott McInnis revelations regarding alleged plagiarism of a Colorado Supreme Court justice in "musings on water" he was paid $300,000 to write by the Hasan Family Foundation.

"Well, it's kind of weird," Singleton told Caldara and his listeners. "We broke the story on the plagiarism, and it broke my heart to do it, because Scott McInnis has been a friend of mine for twenty years. I'm very fond of him personally and I would have rather it not have happened. But we do write news, and we write news when it happens. And the plagiarism story was an important story."

Singleton's thoughts about the Colorado GOP in general? "I think the Republicans are in a real mess right now on many counts."

No doubt the Post will continue making this point. But will Maes decide he's done helping them do it?

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