Dear Oakland Raiders. We hate you again. Thank you.

Dear Oakland Raiders,

Thank you for giving us a reason to hate you again. Life has been a little boring in Denver without the evil scourge that you bring upon football. For many years now, you have been just a pathetic shell of your former selves. Your players rarely got arrested. And although they still play dirty, it wasn't with conviction.

But now you are back. With your giant bully-looking, neck-creased, assistant-beating coach, it's only a matter of time before you start racking up the penalties, fines and arrests. Maybe you'll even log more player arrests than the Broncos themselves.

You are no longer a joke in the NFL (that status is nearly upon the righteous Broncos at the moment). In fact, you are almost -- but not quite -- a good team.

There used to be a time when it didn't matter how many games the Broncos lost each season, as long as they beat the cursed Raiders. Over the past couple of years, those wins were a given. Now, in this year in which you beat us twice (including yesterday's game in the Black Hole), we have a reason to love to hate you again.

Thank you, and as the t-shirt says, Ruck the Faiders.

Sincerely, A Bronco Fan


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