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Dear Stoner: Are high-CBD strains available at recreational shops?

Dear Stoner: Are there going to be high-CBD strains at recreational dispensaries? I really want to shop for the marijuana to use it medically.

Anne (via the potline)

Dear Anne: We've gotten this question a lot recently from people who want to try cannabis medically but don't want to see a doctor or register with the state. We're starting to get more information from shops about what will eventually be on their menus, but for now it's mostly rumors. People have told us that the Green Solution has a 9 percent CBD Shark Shock for sale and that Greenwerkz will be transitioning to dual-use — which means its high-CBD R4 strain and edibles made from R4 trimmings will be available on the retail side. Your best bet is to check menus online or call the recreational shops directly; you can search for retail dispensaries at

Dear Stoner: Can I buy concentrates, and are they the same potency as medical patients get? Also, how about edibles?

Ron from Rollinsville

Dear Ron: Concentrates can be sold at dispensaries, and they are not limited in potency. But fair warning: There's some strong stuff out there these days, so be safe and start small with the waxes and oils if the last time you smoked pot was during the 1981 Rolling Stones shows at Folsom Field.

Edibles, on the other hand, are limited to 100 milligrams of THC per package for recreational sales. This is an attempt by the state to keep children from temporarily losing their minds if they somehow get into their irresponsible parents' stash. That said, the tiny candy bars you're buying are probably a lot more potent per ounce than the entire pan of brownies that roommate who was always late on the rent used to make in college. While medical patients get up into the 250 mg with edibles, 100 mg will still send a newbie or occasional user to the moon if they eat the whole thing. We suggest starting in the 10- to 20-mg range if you don't puff (or eat) ganja too often. Do that by mentally breaking down the cookies or trail mix or whatever cavity-causing confection you brought home into five parts, then eating half of one of those parts and waiting an hour or so before even thinking about eating more. But if you do eat too much, don't freak out and run to the emergency room. They'll just laugh at you while they pump your stomach. Instead, lie down in a quiet room and concentrate on deep, slow breaths while listening to the soothing sounds of Daryl Hall and John Oates.

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