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Dear Stoner: Can I grow pot outside?

Dear Stoner: The hint of warmer weather has me thinking: Can I grow ganja outside in Denver?

Dear Sprouts: According to Colorado law, your growing must be done in an enclosed, locked space and not conducted "openly or publicly." That's a pretty broad definition, and one that hasn't really been hammered out in the courts (yet), but most people seem to take it to mean that you can't just throw seeds in your rose garden. Instead, you'll have to build a lockable greenhouse of sorts. Sounds like a pain, but even the DIY hopeless can construct one for under $150 using some clear or white corrugated roofing and chain-link fence posts found at any local hardware store.

Size-wise, you can only have three plants in flower at once (three more can be in vegetative status), and in some cities, including Denver, there can only be a maximum of twelve plants total. So your enclosure doesn't have to be huge, but you'll want to factor in the height of your planters and the eventual height of your buds. You're a stoner; you'll figure it out one way or another.

As for planting? Yes, the warm weather is nice, but it's still early to drop in those seeds or cut clones. Follow the general Colorado rule of thumb: Wait until after Mother's Day to plant your garden. You could start seeds and cuttings inside and transplant them later, but they'll be huge by then — so you'd have to be ready for them to grow to tree-sized proportions by the time they bud up in the fall.

Dear Stoner: What happened to all of the amazing old-school buds I had back in the day, like Acapulco Gold and real Jamaican?
Old Hippie Joe

Dear OHJ: As Dutch-bred hybrids became more widespread, places like Jamaica abandoned their long-flowering sativas that took three months or more to flower in favor of getting two or three harvests in a year with shorter-flowering strains. But those genetics live on in some grow circles. Old-school growers have kept them around, and a few pop up at dispensaries now and then — including your prized Acapulco Gold, Maui Waui and Colombian Gold. For modern hybrids based on old-school genetics, look for strains from TR Seeds that are based on relatively untouched Afghani genetics.

But if you're searching for that classic, uplifting, mind-rocket high, we suggest you give a few modern-classic sativa and sativa hybrids a try, like Super Silver Haze, Durban Poison and Moonshine Haze, to start. Or search out some chunky blended ice-water hash.

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