Dear Stoner: Can I Sell My Old Bong on Craigslist?

Dear Stoner: Is it legal to sell my old bong on Craigslist?
Broke Glass

Dear Broke: This was a head-scratcher. Though we figured the answer was yes, considering you can buy things like used underwear on Craigslist, we weren't sure if there were laws that prohibit selling a used cannabis pipe, as there are laws against selling actual cannabis. Local cannabis-centric attorney Warren Edson cleared it up for us, though, saying it's legal under all state laws, because marijuana paraphernalia is legal to buy, possess and use. If you want to be uber-paranoid about it, though, make sure your pipe is clean of any resin before you sell it (of course, you should be doing that anyway, out of courtesy). But keep it in Colorado: Shipping that bong over state lines would be a major no-no and could land you federal charges, since Uncle Sam considers your bong illegal and more of a danger to society than, say, automatic weapons.

Legality aside, you also could technically run afoul of Craigslist policies, which prohibit the sales of "controlled substances and related items." Pot is a controlled substance, and a pot pipe would most likely be considered "related." That said, the most that will happen is that your ad gets pulled — though a quick browse through the bongs currently listed in the "For Sale" section shows that isn't a likely scenario, either. But if you've got a really nice piece ($500+), we've heard that boromarket.com is a good online glass forum/marketplace.


Ask a Stoner

Dear Stoner: I heard about a group that gives marijuana away to veterans. How do I become a part of that?
Major Marijuana

Dear Major: We're not sure if you're asking how you can help or if you're asking how you can sign up for the cannabis. Either way, the folks you want to talk to are at Operation Grow4Vets (Grow4Vets.org). Their mission is simple: Help reduce the suicide and drug-overdose rates of returning veterans by offering them a safer alternative with cannabis. Colorado law allows for it, as giving away up to an ounce at a time to another adult is completely legal. If you are a grower with extra buds to donate, Grow4Vets would love to hear from you. If you're a vet, they'd love to hear from you, too — but keep in mind that there's a waiting list and no guarantee that you'll be granted membership.

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