Dear Stoner: Can I Use My MMJ Card in Vegas?

Dear Stoner: I’m going to Vegas in October and wonder if I can use my Colorado medical card to pick up a little medicine while I’m there.

Dear Rich: Nevada is one of the few medical marijuana states with a reciprocity law that allows out-of-state patients to possess and purchase cannabis while they’re visiting. Although the state might not have as many dispensaries or options as you’ll find in Colorado, Nevada has become a haven for patients coming from states with more restrictive regulations — and those coming from states with no MMJ. A February article in the Las Vegas Sun detailed how pre-screened tourists with a valid California ID or U.S. passport boarded a California-bound bus in Vegas and were connected with a doctor, who evaluated the tourists for a California medical card. If the tourists were approved, a medical marijuana recommendation was printed on the bus in Vegas, where the new patients were then free to visit dispensaries and carry and consume cannabis.

The same Sun article also said that obtaining a California card that way is actually easier than getting a Nevada-issued MMJ card, which usually takes a few months. So not only can you buy pot with your Colorado (or any other state’s) medical marijuana card in Nevada, but you can get a second medical marijuana card in Nevada...from California. Thankfully, all of this mumbo-jumbo could become a thing of the past after November, when Nevada votes on legalizing recreationally.

Dear Stoner:
Why does my poop always smell like weed?

Dear Nojack: Do you eat a lot of edibles? I once ate a pot brownie before getting in a car with my parents and started getting gassy thirty minutes into the ride. I let one rip that smelled exactly like a skunky bottle of chronic; my parents thought I was smuggling flower and pulled the car over. Now we laugh about it.
Like broccoli, eggs and heavy meats, marijuana can make your bowel movements smell a certain way. And if passing gas in public weren’t already awkward enough, eating a lot of hemp-based foods, like hemp protein, will also make your farts smell like weed. But if you’re only a toker, then you shouldn’t be dropping deuces that smell like pot. That means you’re either swallowing smoke, which is not something you should be doing (smoke of any kind in the stomach is never good), or you have some sort of infection that makes your shits smell danker than they should. If that’s the case, ask a doctor — not a stoner.

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