Dear Stoner: Can we light up at parties now?

Dear Stoner: Do you think it's socially acceptable now to light up at a party in Colorado or not? Holiday parties are coming up, and I'd much rather smoke a few joints than choke down another pint of bourbon and eggnog.

Tired of Sneaking Off to My Car

Dear Sneaking: We hear you loud and clear. Not that we mind the occasional adult beverage, but holiday parties are much better when you don't spend the following day puking up red and green cupcakes or freaking out because you slept with your boss's newly legal daughter.


Ask a Stoner

The answer is a resounding yes. Cannabis use for adults over 21 has been legalized in Colorado, and it's high time we start treating it like alcohol socially as well as politically. Make new friends and enjoy the shock and awe on your alcoholic co-worker's face (they'll all be drunk and forget it by morning anyway). This works best if you work for a company that doesn't drug-test you or if you have a boss who wears flip-flops 365 days a year.

That said, if your company has a no-marijuana policy, then you would be committing career suicide if you were to spark one in front of the CEO. Colorado's new pot laws aren't going to protect you when it comes to that, because employers can set any rules they want regarding drug (and alcohol) use. Sorry, but in that case, it's back to sneaking one-hitters in the Subaru and pretending you're not high — despite your red eyes and constant use of the word "dude," dude.

Dear Stoner: Since e-cigarettes and hookah pens seem to give those who smoke such a hard-on, has anyone thought of inventing the e-joint? Like, making an e-cig that actually looks like a hand-rolled joint except that when you take a hit, the tip glows multiple colors? Say one hit it lights up green, the next maybe purple, then blue, and maybe it occasionally cycles through all the colors on a hit — and has a fold-down roach clip so you can slip it into a pocket?


Dear C.R.: I don't want to blow your mind, but I think you just thought of inventing the e-joint. Seriously, though, e-vape pens are everywhere these days, and the key to them is that they are stealth. While it's a novel idea to have a digital joint, people who bust out a vape to smoke discreetly are usually the people who don't want to bust out a joint — real or fake.

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