Dear Stoner: How Do I Change My Name on My Purple Card?

Dear Stoner: I recently changed my name, and I need to change it on my purple card. What’s the easiest way to do that?

Dear Jennifer: Way to be on top of things. Even if you’re stoned, it’s really not that complicated to change your name on your medical card, and it’s a relative breeze compared to your first application. All you have to do is go to the Medical Marijuana Registry web page, click on “Forms,” and print out a “Change of Patient Records” form, which will alert the state to your new moniker. You’ll need an updated Colorado driver’s license and proof of Social Security number, and the completed form will have to be notarized. It should take about five weeks for the state to process the change.

Dear Stoner: Where can a non-Colorado resident smoke marijuana?

Dear Dee: A non-Colorado resident can smoke in the same places that a Colorado resident can: any home or residence in which the owner allows it. You cannot consume in any public areas, inside or outside, or inside your car (even if it’s parked). Consuming in a hotel depends on the owner; there are some hotels and bed-and-breakfasts in the state that not only allow marijuana, but embrace it. Because of the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, however, most hotels that allow consumption restrict it to vaping and edibles; some have an outdoor patio for smoking. Learn more about marijuana laws at, and go to the Colorado Cannabis Tours website for a list of pot-friendly lodgings.

Dear Stoner: Where can I find cheap glassware?
Joe John

Dear JJ:
Plenty of head shops offer affordable glassware (stick to the north and west ends of Denver), and some dispensaries routinely have sales — but neither of those options have deals that consistently compare to those online. For example, you can find a nine-inch oil rig at for under $40 after shipping, and has fifteen-inch bongs with multiple percolators for under $50. They might not be made with the same love and quality you’d see in a Hurricane, but they’ll definitely get the job done on a budget.

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