Dear Stoner: Is Naming Pipes Weird?

Dear Stoner: What is pipe resin made of? It’s not what the dispensaries sell, is it?

Dear Brick: Lord, no. The black, gooey stuff that’s left in your pipe after smoking buds is basically tar, with some ash, carbon and a little THC mixed in. Igniting cannabis flower burns up most of the THC, but the tar left behind after the chemical reaction will still contain a small amount. It’ll get you high if there’s nothing else in the house to cheef on (we’ve all been there), but that might have as much to do with depriving your brain of oxygen as it does with cannabinoids. I wouldn’t recommend smoking that stuff, but trust me: I have no right to judge.
Don’t feel stupid for confusing pipe resin with live resin, especially if you’re not a habitual pot smoker. That sticky poop in dirty pipes was called resin by everyone in high school long before most of us heard of the live resin that pot shops are selling now. Live resin is an expensive, potent concentrate made from marijuana plants that are cryogenically frozen right after they’re harvested. Because of the freezing process, there are typically more terpenes and cannabinoids present in live resin than there are in butane or CO2-run concentrates, making it a much more favorable resin to smoke than our former example.

Dear Stoner: Is naming pipes weird? My brother made a bong out of a Coke bottle and calls it his Toke-a-Cola. He won’t buy a glass piece, and I think it’s just because he likes saying that stupid word all the time.
Annoyed Sibling

Dear Annoyed:
Your brother sounds like my kind of stoner. Although it’s hard to endorse smoking out of plastic bongs when there are better options available (I’ve seen dozens of glass bongs shaped like Coke bottles and In-N-Out Burger cups), you’ve got to appreciate such a fine pothead pun. My former roommate in Phoenix bought himself a purple-and-orange glass pipe and called it Charles Sparkley, in honor of our favorite Phoenix Sun. There was nothing special about it, but I used it all the time just because. (And who wouldn’t want to take a hit from Bong Miller on Super Bowl Sunday?) So, no, it’s not weird to call yourself Fred Flintstoned after a few dab-a-doos of shatter and think it’s hilarious. You might want to tell your brother to replace that Coke bottle frequently, though.

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