Dear Stoner: What's Your Favorite Pot-and-Beer Combo?

Dear Stoner:
I’m going to do some traveling around the country, starting with Arizona and moving east. I have my medical marijuana card in Colorado, but what other states will accept it? Can I go into dispensaries?

Dear Steve: Medical marijuana reciprocity varies from state to state. Arizona, Maine, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada and Rhode Island all allow out-of-state medical marijuana patients with valid ID to possess and consume cannabis — but most of them won’t allow you to buy from a dispensary. You can buy weed at some dispensaries in Michigan that feel comfortable operating in a gray area, and Nevada shops will let you purchase if you have a valid ID from the state where your MMJ card was issued, but you’ll have to bring your own to Arizona. Oregon allows out-of-staters to sign up for a medical marijuana license, but it only works in Oregon; Maine will allow you to purchase marijuana after a lengthy bureaucratic process, but you’ll have to get a Maine MMJ card after thirty days anyway, so it’s probably not worth it.

You can legally consume cannabis in Alaska, Washington and Washington, D.C. — but only as an adult consumer, not as an MMJ patient. And even if states offer medical marijuana reciprocity, you still have to follow their rules. For example, if you suffer from chronic nervous-system disorders — a medical marijuana condition in Colorado but not Arizona — then you are not considered a medical marijuana patient in Arizona or any other state that doesn’t recognize that condition.

Dear Stoner: What’s your favorite strain-and-beer combination?

Dear Cody: Bill Maher once said of mixing THC and ABV: “It doesn’t make it better just because it’s two good things. It’s like funny porn; it actually makes both awful.” But I couldn’t disagree more: While mixing pot and beer does require moderation and hydration, it’s hard not to indulge in a state that supplies the best of both. A joint of some earthy OG Kush and a session IPA (Oskar Blues’s Pinner, New Belgium’s Slow Ride or Firestone’s Easy Jack, to name a few) offers both a tasty example from the Cannabacae family and relief when the Rockies give up three runs in the bottom of the eighth. I’m not partial to wheat beers, but I’d never say no to a citrus sativa paired with an Avery White Rascal at a summer barbecue. And in the winter, a Left Hand Milk Stout or Boulder Shake Porter paired with a bowl of Strawberry Cough is a delicious way to warm up after a day on the mountains. 

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