Dear Stoner: What's Your Favorite Way to Get High?

Dear Stoner: What is a moratorium? It doesn’t seem to be friendly to the dispensaries based on my Facebook feed.

Dear Allison: A moratorium is a temporary prohibition of an activity, and Amendment 64 gives local municipalities the right to ban or freeze marijuana-related applications, so your Facebook friends might be trying to open a pot business somewhere that either has or is considering a marijuana moratorium. Although the length of marijuana moratoriums and what specific businesses they freeze differ from place to place, the reason is the same: to curb the explosion of the marijuana industry while local government gets a grip on it. Many towns that already have dispensaries, such as Breckenridge, Dillon and Idaho Springs, all have moratoriums on new pot-shop applications. Some of these moratoriums can squash costly plans that take a lot of time and energy to create, but not every local government institutes such a ban because it’s hostile to legal pot. Pueblo County, for instance, has been extremely welcoming to the legal cannabis industry and has over a dozen dispensaries and more than three dozen growing operations, but new medical or recreational dispensaries can’t apply for licenses there until 2017 because the county is concerned about flooding the market.

Moratoriums aren’t specific to marijuana businesses, but the industries they target tend to be controversial. Fort Collins passed a five-year moratorium on fracking in 2013 (it was later overturned by a Larimer County judge), and Boulder County currently has a moratorium on applications for oil and gas development until 2018.

Dear Stoner: Favorite way to get high? Blunts, joints, bongs, vape, edibles? Or are you a dab man?
Luke Skywalker

Dear Luke: Edibles take too long and are much harder to regulate. Dabs are fun on special occasions, but they’re usually too much for my limited brain to handle. I’m definitely a flower guy. And, yes, I’m fine with how that sounds.

In my younger years, it was definitely blunts and bongs. Nothing felt cooler than bumping some Notorious B.I.G. or Devin the Dude while gutting a Swisher, and bong tokes after work were the ultimate chill. Then, about five years ago, my throat started feeling the constant punishment of tobacco leaves and snappers, so I grew up a little and bought a Volcano, which I use almost daily. It’s too much of an investment for most ($480 from the manufacturer), but the high and the conservation of your herb are incredible.

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