Dear Stoner: Will There Be Buses Going to Pueblo for the Cannabis Cup?

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The following question was submitted last week, and answered when the Cannabis Cup was still looking at an April event in Pueblo. Earlier this week, it announced that it will instead hold the Cannabis Cup April 15-17 in Southern California. But we're leaving up our Stoner's answer, because it includes other information useful for marijuana tourists who'll be visiting the Front Range next month.

Dear Stoner: I booked my hotel near the old Cannabis Cup venue. Will there be stoner buses going to Pueblo? I’m mad at High Times for moving it — two-hour drive, with cops!

Dear Billy: I feel your pain, brother. Like drinking and driving, smoking pot while driving is an easy ticket to jail, and if you’re from out of state, having to travel back for court dates makes it even more of a burden.
Fortunately, there are quite a few private transportation services that will allow you to puff all you want on your way to Pueblo — but it’ll cost you. Private limo services that let you smoke pot, like Green Tripz and THC Limo, would charge upwards of $450 for a private trip to Pueblo — and that’s just a drop-off.
Airport pick-up and shuttle services would be cheaper if you have a group of people: Most 420 party buses and shuttle SUVs charge around $75 to $100 an hour. You might want to wait to make plans until the Cannabis Cup has a concrete date and setting; its special-events permit in Pueblo County has yet to be approved, and multiple 420-friendly shuttle services are waiting until after that happens to plan their Cup transportation.

In defense of High Times, it didn’t move the Cannabis Cup by choice. Adams County officials — who oversee the area housing the Denver Mart, where the Cup was to be held — denied the Cup’s event permit because county commissioners and law enforcement didn’t want to deal with another stoner stampede.
Then again, Cup organizers probably should have secured their permit before selling thousands of tickets to out-of-towners like you. So don’t be afraid to call High Times and complain about the inconvenience. Maybe you’ll get a free subscription, at the very least.

Dear Stoner: I’m visiting Denver soon. Can you can recommend any 420-friendly hotels?

Dear Belle: Websites like coloradocanna-bistours.com and coloradopotguide.com will do the searching for you and provide lists of Denver and mountain-town lodgings that won’t kill your vibe. There are two likely routes: a pot-friendly hotel (most of which are non-smoking and only allow vaporizers) or a pot-friendly bed-and-breakfast. The bed-and-breakfasts cost more, but it’s easier for them to allow smoking because they’re private residences. They can also be way cooler: Bud + Breakfast in central Denver holds happy-hour smoke sessions where you can meet other guests and serves cannabis-inspired meals that taste as good as they look. One-bed prices start at $179 a night, though, considerably more than the charge for a room at some larger hotels. 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.