Deb Henriksen Designs for Cydney Payton

We're down to our last sketch for the Cydney Payton Design Challenge! That means tonight is the big night, the showdown, the climax, the night we find out who wins the Tamarac Square Fashion Project -- and whose drawing of a museum-opening outfit Cydney, the MoCA-D curator selected. It's been a wild ride over the past four weeks, and Cat can't wait to see how it all ends.

See you on the runway tonight at 8 p.m. in the center court of Tamarac Square. Still need tickets, click here. They're $20, but all the money raised goes to Dress for Success. Woohoo!

Here's Deb Henriksen's artist's statement:

My design was inspired from simplistic elegance. A museum opening will have a lot going on, so simplicity will stand out. Geometric, clean lines with classic accents will show Cydney's poise while playing hostess at an opening. Fun, sexy, sophisticated, and SIMPLE... more with less sometimes works best

I would make it out of silk for an opening event, but it could also be a silk brocade, heavier China silk, shantung. If silk isn't preferable velvet, a cotton sateen, or good suiting fabrics would work as well... something mid-weight with descent structure.

I'd love to do a jacket for the look as well, but it would depend on the season.

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Amy Haimerl