Denver and Colorado Election Results: TABOR Lives, DD Wins Bet

Proposition DD, about sports betting, eventually eked out a win, while Proposition CC, intended to snuff out Douglas Bruce's TABOR Amendment, went down in flames.
Proposition DD, about sports betting, eventually eked out a win, while Proposition CC, intended to snuff out Douglas Bruce's TABOR Amendment, went down in flames. Shutterstock file photo
Results from the November 5 election are officially unofficial at this writing. However, it's clear that the most prominent of the statewide measures, Proposition CC, which would have allowed the government to keep funds earmarked for taxpayer give-backs under the provisions of the Douglas Bruce-authored TABOR Amendment, died at the ballot box. As for Proposition DD, about the legalization of sports betting, it wasn't declared a winner until mid-afternoon the next day.

Meanwhile, in Denver, voters backed all four referred issues, in contrast to residents in many other cities and municipalities across Colorado, who turned thumbs down on plenty of occasions.

The following figures are culled from the Colorado Secretary of State's Office and Denver's elections branch. The former were updated at 5:08 a.m. today, November 6, while the latter were posted at 11:30 p.m. on November 5.

As an off-year election, the 2019 ballot-casting drew considerably less attention than next year's version will — but important issues were at stake. Proposition CC found TABOR opponents taking their most direct shot in years at the measure, which has prevented tax increases without a vote of the people since its implementation in the early 1990s. Proponents appeared to be hoping that pro-TABOR forces might be more complacent under these circumstances, but that didn't prove to be the case. The De-Brucing effort went down by double digits.

The closeness of the Proposition DD count is a bigger surprise. After all, there was no organized opposition to the sports-betting plan, which has been promoted as benefiting Colorado water projects. Yet the eventual margin of victory was razor-thin.

Regarding the Denver proposals, Referred Question 2A called for the establishment of a Department of Transportation and Infrastructure; Referred Question 2B asked to make Denver Arts & Venues its own agency; Referred Question 2C requested that emergency medical technicians and shift commanders be added to the city's charter; and Referred Question 2D pushed a requirement that officials elected in Denver actually live there during their terms in office. All four cruised to victory.

Continue to see the latest data in regard to questions put before voters in Denver, assorted cities and the state as a whole, plus contests for municipal offices and assorted school districts.

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