Denver Auto Show proves Denver drivers are truckin' nuts: Kenny Be's Special Report

The Denver Auto Show currently running at the Colorado Convention Center is an exhibition of dreams. The real Denver Auto show is staged on neighborhood driveways reveals that Denverites like big trucks. The 2005 Volvo Condo semi truck shown above is just one of many examples that prove Denver drivers are truckin' nuts... As seen in the photo above, the best way for a Denver resident to show their affection for a 1955 Chevrolet pickup, is to display it on blocks in the driveway. The popularity of old pickups cannot be denied. By painting the "Not for Sale!" warning in the window of the 1950 jalopy pictured above, the owner desperately tries to minimize the hordes of buyers. Below, Truck nuts are never happy with one. Always look for double trucks... While it is not always easy to gauge the emotional stability of your neighbors, the photo above shows how simple it is to identify a truck nut. Look for a home surrounded with a truck from each decade - from the 1920s to the 1970s. Use the height of the weeds around the wheels to determine how often they are moved. There is always a method to the madness of every truck nut. The pair of 1963 Dodge Crew Cabs shown in the picture above, reveals the familiar practice of an owner who is driving one of the trucks and using the other to harvest parts. When a truck nut collects double trucks, it is sometimes difficult to tell which truck is used for driving and which truck is used for parts. As seen in the photo above, the parts are being harvested from the van with stored wood on the interior or exterior. Old vans never die, they're turned into food trucks... The International Harvester Metro van shown in the picture above is now commanding high prices from food vendors across the globe. This one time neighborhood eyesight is now worth more than the house where it sits. When a postcard is not enough, send back a fire-brigade truck. The Mercedes-Benz Feuerwehr van pictured above is the ultimate in European souvenirs.

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