Denver B-cycle takes it to the streets with new station by Galvanize

Denver B-cycle launched a new station Wednesday on Delaware Street and 11th Avenue, but this one has B-cycle executive director Nick Bohnenkamp feeling giddier than the previous eighty locations. "This is Denver's first on-street bike station," Bohnenkamp explained during Tuesday's opening ceremony with Denver mayor Michael Hancock "That might not mean much to a lot of people, but if you work with transportation, this is a big deal."

According to Bohnenkamp, what made this bike station different from the others was its creative process, its proximity to the street and the partnership it represents between Denver's private and public sectors.

"In the world of bureaucracy, getting this done was a big accomplishment," he proclaimed, prompting employees from the Denver Department of Public Works to burst into laughter. Inside jokes notwithstanding, Bohnenkamp's pride regarding this latest accomplishment was infectious throughout the ceremony.

The new station is located right next to Galvanize, which joined with B-cycle and Public Works to develop the site. Galvanize is dedicated to advancing innovative entrepreneurism and digital start-up companies. Galvanize co-founder Jim Deters believes the innovative spirit of B-cycle made for a perfect match.

"We're opening up another Galvanize campus on Platte Street in 2015," Deters said as he showed off a new row of bicycles. "And guess which mode of transportation will be used to go from campus to campus?"

The new bike station is a converted parking area on the north side of Delaware Street.The Galvanize campus on Delaware Street had no curbside option for a station, so B-cycle applied for and received a permit to construct a street station. Bohnenkamp had very high praise for the Department of Public Works and was grateful for its "forward-thinking vision and creativity."

Denver Inner City Parish's La Academia campus is located just a few blocks south of the new station and some of its students were at the ceremony with smiles on their faces -- although that may have had something to do with getting out of class at 11 a.m.

"This is really great for our kids," Michael Alcazar, a teacher at La Academia, said after the ceremony. "I hope they build one or two stations on our campus eventually, but this is still very cool."

For his part, Hancock spoke glowingly about B-cycle's impact on the city and the people who helped develop the new station. The prospect of more on-street stations "represents a giant step forward in our ability to locate B-cycle stations around the city," he said.

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