Denver Bike Sharing to Dan Maes: Thank you

By now it's clear what a huge misstep gubernatorial hopeful Dan Maes took in declaring Denver's Bike Sharing part of a global conspiracy to deprive us of our personal freedoms. For its part, the program is just grateful for the publicity. "It's shedding Dan Maes in an unfortunate light, which in turn is helping Denver B-cycle," says Brent Tongco, communication director for Denver Bike Sharing. "So we can't complain."

It's been a big week for biking in Denver, what with the Maes debacle and Lance Armstrong's announcement of next year's Quizno's Pro Challenge.

B-cycle, which operates Denver Bike Sharing, also has a program in Chicago. The slogan on the Chicago website? "The Bike Share Revolution Is Here." Maybe Dan Maes was onto something.

Or maybe he wasn't. Tongco can't help but laugh as he declares biking a "non-partisan activity."

"It's to provide an alternative transportation option, it's not the way," he says. "It's a transportation option. It's a way to stay healthy and be environmentally sound and have fun."

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