Denver Blogs: The Best of Denver edition

Every day in this space, we troll local web sites for stuff we think might be worth your time. And while we try to mix up the sites to which we link, we often wind up back on the same sites -- a handful of consistently populated, consistently non-sucky sources for original news and perspective about Denver.

So naturally, when we set out to name the Best Political Blog for this week's Best of Denver issue -- which hits streets and the web site on Wednesday -- it came down to a few of the sites we often link to here. They are:

Colorado Independent: More than a blog, actually, the Independent mixes original reporting, smart commentary, and highly liberal rants for the commie pinko homo-loving bastard in you. But they do have a blog, so we throw them in this space, and throw them in the ring for Denver's best.

Colorado Pols: A true blog, Colorado Pols aggregates national and local political coverage, then lathers it with its lefty perspective and grills it up over a nice, sarcastic flame. It's a great one-stop-shop for liberal political dorks.

Face the State: Brad Jones and his crew of Young Republican-types are not for the dogmatic leftist; they're staunchly conservative, and have a tendency to have opinions that are incredibly strong (and, if you ask me, incredibly wrong). But they're prolific, they dig up some interesting stuff, and are great for opposition research.

Find out who we think runs the Best Political Blog late Wednesday at westword.com/bestof.

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