"Wolverines hate Democrats."
"Wolverines hate Democrats."

Denver Blogs: The Red Dawn Project treats Democrats like commies -- as if there's any difference!

Click on a local blog. You'll be glad you did.

The folks at Rocky Mountain Right are launching the Red Dawn Project, described as "a new initiative to help promote viable, conservative challengers seeking offices currently held by Democrats in Colorado." For the love of Swayze!

Because of the Nuggets' disinterest in defense, Jeremy at Roundball Mining Company thinks the team's win over the Grizzlies last night was "less than satisfying." He's got a point, but 3-0 is still mighty tasty.

A Colorado Pols readers' survey asks visitors if they're "Liberal, and proud of it!," "Moderate," "Conservative," "Really, really, seriously freaking liberal" or "Wing-nut bat-shit crazy right wing." What about "All of the above"?


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