Reader: Time to Start Over at the Broncos, Starting at the Top

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The Denver Broncos will be back at Mile High today, taking on the Miami Dolphins at 2:05 p.m. And yes, Drew Lock will be there, despite a November 15 loss to the Las Vegas (formerly Oakland) Raiders that sparked the ire of fans.

As Michael Roberts noted in "Top Tweets About Drew Lock's Epic Suckage Versus Raiders," most of the barbs about that game were aimed directly at Lock, who had been touted as Denver's answer at quarterback following years spent wandering in the post-Peyton Manning wilderness.

The conversation continued on the Westword Facebook post of the Twitter piece, where critics targeted more culprits than Lock. Says Jim:

Drew Lock never has and never will have any football IQ. He’s just a very immature kid trying to play a man’s game. It’s hard to watch.

Asks Jay:

What about the early Elway years ?

Replies Kurt: 

Elway always sucked. Think about it.

Counters Jason: 

I would kill for someone that sucks like Elway. That being said, NFL ain't like that anymore. Not many QBs get very long to figure it out.

Explains Ray: 

Denver, and Elway, suffer from a messiah complex that the answer is always "quarterback." The answer: O line, running game, defense. Then, Denver deserves a good quarterback.

Adds Katelyn:

 Agreed! I think Lock could be good if we had a good O line to protect him some more! But I don’t think we know his full potential because of all the other struggles the team has!

Notes Patrick·

First of all, if you never played football you will never know the pain the day after a game. He got hit so hard from the backside that I was impressed he even got up....Right now he is hurting and understands his pending future. Let him heal up over the next few days and he will be ready come next Sunday! Pride will overcome pain. Prepare better, heal up and show the fins we are not done! Let’s get one, Drew!

Responds Bob:

All these people sympathizing for poor Drew. Four interceptions for any quarterback is pathetic and non-professional. Not just this game, but all of them he's played in: no command, can't read the defense. Just bad play all around.

Notes Marchelle: 

Since they won the Super Bowl, they’ve have different coaches, different OCs, different DCs and different QBs. The one constant? Elway. Time to start over, starting at the top.

Concludes Jim:

Drew Lock is now the ninth QB that Denver has tried after Manning left and under Elway's watch. At some point, you can't blame the other eight guys that didn't work out. You have to look in the mirror. This will continue until Ellis and Elway and his band of knuckleheads are gone.

Enjoy it, Broncos country.

And you can, when the game starts today at 2:05. In the meantime, the discussion can continue. What do you think of Lock? Elway? The Broncos in general? Post a comment or share your thoughts at editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.