Denver Broncos: Will Tim Tebow lovers revolt if team uses top draft pick to nab a quarterback?

You've heard them -- the rumors that the Denver Broncos will use the second overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft on a quarterback. Yahoo! Sports contributor Bill Snyder's heard them, too, and he thinks Broncos fans in general, and Tim Tebow lovers in particular, would be very displeased if that happened.

In "Denver Broncos fans will revolt if...," Snyder writes an open letter to team owner Pat Bowlen that features the following passage:

I remember a quarterback who couldn't throw a screen pass, lined up under the wrong guy and thought every pass should be thrown as hard as he could. He threw a lot of interceptions his first couple years, but there was something every fan saw that made them want him to start. This QB showed a competitive nature, a leadership quality, and confidence that was contagious to his teammates. So who was this quarterback? None other than John Elway. The leadership and competitive nature is just like Elway -- that is what we fans see in Tim Tebow.

Snyder's advice to Bowlen regarding that pick? "Let's get a good defensive lineman or good middle linebacker and cut the crap. We've got the best QB from last year's draft, so don't fix what isn't broke."

I'm guessing this last assertion might not be universally accepted, particularly by fans of Sam Bradford, who nearly led his terrible St. Louis Rams squad to the playoffs in his rookie season. But does Bradford look as good in his Jockeys as Tebow?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.