Denver circa 1984, when Ernie Bjorkman was king and Reagan was cool

Ah, remember Denver in the '80s?

This television clip from November 1984 should jog your memory: Right-wing amendments, Ernie Bjorkman ruling the airways on Channel 2, college students favoring Reagan over Mondale, voters considering bringing casinos to Colorado, families eating corn on the cob at Wyatt's Cafeterias, and car dealers hawking autos on horseback.

Them sure was the days.

Of course, Bjorkman has since bailed on the TV industry for veterinary school, young people gave thumbs down to Reaganomics in favor of Obama, casinos have run amok in Black Hawk, Wyatt's long ago declared bankruptcy and the American auto industry is a lame horse.

But at least now we have YouTube!

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Jared Jacang Maher