The booking photo for Jesus (Jose) Moreno-Perez.
The booking photo for Jesus (Jose) Moreno-Perez.
Denver Police Department

Jesus Moreno-Perez Busted for Assault on Denver Cops With Cans of Raid

Last night, October 6, five Denver police officers were hospitalized after an alleged assault involving some unusual weapons, including not one, but two cans of Raid insecticide.

According to the DPD, all five cops have now been released. But the same can't be said for 25-year-old Jesus (Jose) Moreno-Perez, who is currently being held on suspicion of attacking the law enforcers and his brother.

According to an arrest report accessible below, officers were called to a residence at 45 North Sable Street for what's described as "an attempt[ed] pickup for a family disturbance that happened earlier in the day."

Moreno-Perez appears to have been prepared for this visit. He's said to have used furniture to block the front door — and when the cops kicked it open, he pushed the button atop a can of "Raid bug fogger" and directed the spray into their faces before fleeing further into the home, the document states.

Despite being treated like a swarm of mosquitoes, the officers were able to follow Moreno-Perez, who supposedly threw the can in their direction prior to being tased. However, the device failed to incapacitate him, and after making his way to a back bedroom, he found a second can of Raid and unleashed more gag-worthy clouds in his pursuers' direction before using "a pair of makeshift nun-chucks" to strike an officer in the head.

It could have been worse. While restraining Moreno-Perez, the report adds, the cops discovered a pair of long knives concealed in his sleeves. He isn't accused of wielding the blades, but he allegedly kicked and spat at the officers as he was being hauled away.

Who was the bigger pest? We're guessing there was a difference of opinion.

Click to read the Jesus (Jose) Moreno-Perez probable cause statement.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.