A 9News photo from the scene. Additional images below.
A 9News photo from the scene. Additional images below.

Denver Cops Bust Four After Shots Fired at Police Vehicle

Last night was bitterly cold in Denver, with steady light snow — the kind of weather then tends to tamp down street crime.

But the conditions apparently didn't prevent a significant one from taking place.

According to the Denver Police Department, four individuals are under arrest, accused of shooting at a DPD vehicle.

The first official word about the incident came via this DPD tweet, sent out just shy of 2 a.m.  today.

Here's an interactive graphic showing the area near where the incident took place. If you have any problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

Before long, news media arrived on the scene, including 7News' Kirsten Boyd, who contributed this Twitpic of police activity:

Thus far, the DPD hasn't released the names of the suspects or any possible rationale for why they are said to have squeezed off shots in the direction of a DPD vehicle.

No doubt, though, about the effort being made to secure the location where the shooting took place.

According to 9News, several streets were blocked off in the area, and an RTD bus was stopped near 30th and Downing.

The investigation is ongoing at this hour.

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