Denver Film Society reversal: Bo Smith sacked following mass resignations

A Friday blog pointed out that the Denver Post would have a difficult time covering the turmoil at the Denver Film Society, where as many as 21 staffers resigned amid layoff reports and dissatisfaction with relatively new executive director Bo Smith. After all, Nina Henderson-Moore, a past chair of the DFS board, and the wife of Post editor Greg Moore, is widely seen to have been Smith's most prominent champion. She was a big part of an April piece about Smith that touched on brewing problems, but she wasn't so much as mentioned in a June 4 story about the staff exodus.

Now, in a startling turnaround, the DFS board has given Smith the boot -- and in the Post's June 7 followup about this development, Henderson-Moore is referenced in a context intended to de-emphasize her role. Specifically, current board chair David Charmatz tells writer Lisa Kennedy that Henderson-Moore didn't "force" Smith into the position; rather, the entire board agreed that he would be a good hire, but the match simply didn't work.

Westword is researching this drama as well. Keep an eye out for future coverage.

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