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Reader: Run, Walk, Bike...but Protect Yourself and Others

Masks required.
Masks required. Bruce Mars on Unsplash
Rising COVID-19 numbers across Colorado last month led to many counties moving up the state's coronavirus-restriction dial, and dialing back on allowed activities. In Denver, that included reducing capacity at many local businesses...but Mayor Michael Hancock's October 27 announcement was confusing regarding gyms, yoga studioes and other facilities, and the administration promised greater clarity.

On October 30, Michael Roberts offered that in "What the Hell Are the COVID-10 Rules for Denver Gyms Now?"
Under the current Safer at Home guidelines, Denver gyms can operate at 25 percent capacity or 25 people, whichever is fewer, as long as all other rules are followed...and that includes wearing masks at all times.

While the rules might be clear, that doesn't mean people agree with them, as evidenced by comments on the Facebook post of our gym story. Says Amy:
I just flew on a sold-out flight literally jammed packed with humans about six inches apart breathing recycle supposedly filtered air.

And gyms need to be at 25 percent. Someone sane explain that science.
Adds James:
Why are our laws being made by men who are so fat they can't even see their genitals, much less understand how important active lifestyles are when it comes to fighting illness? It's almost as if fear is the prescription, and not actual healthy living.
Advises Constance:
Stay alive, get outside. Run, walk, bike, hike but protect yourself and others.
Marie responds:
Just stay home... it the safest way... no one needs to be working out, to hell with your privileged immune system.
Nick complains:
Masks again! That's like working out with your head in a towel.
Concludes Michael:
It seems the comments posted on your article re: gym rules are just so much complaining.

I was in the health and fitness industry for ten years and can well appreciate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I know (as does science) that exercise boosts the immune system and is crucial to mental health—something sorely needed this year.

However, I can also appreciate the rules. Do these rules seem well-thought out? No. Do they seem arbitrary? Absolutely. I believe the reason for this is the total lack of federal leadership on the pandemic. Smaller organizations have been left to their own devices regarding rules and regulations and therefore we have differences and variances between counties.

I don’t like wearing a mask at the gym, either, but I’d rather do that than not be able to go at all. So while I may disagree with some of the rules, I’m going to follow them because at least they’re trying.

How are you getting your exercise? At a gym? Outside? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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