Ten Days in Colorado That Aren't Vacation Days but Should Be

There's always next year.EXPAND
There's always next year.
Ken Hamblin
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As you try to hide your Super Bowl hangover from your boss, don't you wish today were a holiday? That got us thinking about other events in Denver that should be considered holidays, from Super Bowl Monday to the Rockies' home opener.

Whether you're a CEO trying to attract hip employees or just a wishful thinker wolfing down your third sloppy burrito of the day, consider lobbying for these days off. If enough people try, it might come true.

10. Move-In Day
We've all been there: using a PTO day to move because the first of the month happens to fall on a weekday. It sucks.

Along the lines of sick days, throwing in a "move day" would be wonderful for spirits, especially for your rent-loving younger employees. You can use it to house-hunt, move, or simply whine about our obnoxious housing prices.

But wouldn't it be amazing to get a "Hey, don't worry about it. Good luck with the move," from your boss, rather than using one of your precious days off to lug around cardboard boxes?

Having to work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving should be illegal.EXPAND
Having to work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving should be illegal.
Brandon Marshall

9. Wednesday Before Thanksgiving
This just in: We're in a state filled with transplants. The reality is that pretty much everyone who lives here has to travel somewhere or run to the airport to grab in-laws, siblings or cousins for Thanksgiving. A formal day off here would be beyond just kind; it's also practical.

And all of you NATIVE bumpersticker bearers can get an early start on cooking.

Take a road trip to Salida for the Salida Winefest.EXPAND
Take a road trip to Salida for the Salida Winefest.

8. Road Trip Day
This falls along the lines of REI's #OptOutside viral marketing campaign, where the outdoor supply company closed its doors on Black Friday, encouraging its 12,000-plus employees to spend more time outside. A day built on the premise of exploring somewhere you haven't been before is particularly awesome when you live in Colorado. We live where people vacation, and two or three weeks off just isn't enough time to see all of the amazing things a road trip can offer. A road trip day, maybe a Tuesday tacked onto another holiday like Labor Day or Memorial Day, would have your employees jumping for joy, no doubt.

Imagine getting to this without having to fight I-70!EXPAND
Imagine getting to this without having to fight I-70!
Kenzie Bruce

7. Summer Hours
Yeah, lots of you already have these, and we loathe you. Your employers are on to something: During Colorado summers, who is actually working beyond, say, 2 p.m. on a Friday?

Let's make it official Colorado-wide, bosses. Let's make Friday summer hours a thing, because there are only so many Instagram pictures that you can double-tap at 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon.

As if skiers need an excuse to dress goofy.
As if skiers need an excuse to dress goofy.
Brandon Marshall

6. Gaper Day
Spring skiing is usually filled with fun parties and awesomely eclectic neon ski wear. In honor of onesies and ’80s ski garb, it'd be amazing to get a random mid-April Friday off in order to celebrate Gaper Day properly.

This would also spread the ski traffic over two days, and if you're off on a Friday and stuck in I-70 traffic, you probably wouldn't get as irritated as you would be if you were bumper-to-bumper on a Saturday morning.

Get it while it's hot!
Get it while it's hot!
Brandon Marshall

5. First Powder Day

<On Dec 11, 2018, at 6:21 AM, Cool Boss wrote>@gmail.com>


Looks like Breck got a foot and Winter Park got 14" overnight. I'm going up to get some of that fresh powder today, and so should you.

Make sure your stuff's in order, but if you don't need to be in today and want to get some turns, make them good. See you tomorrow.

- Cool Boss

This seems like a holiday to us.EXPAND
This seems like a holiday to us.
Miles Chrisinger

4. 4/20
For starters, yes, it'd take a pretty unique kind of company to give a day in honor of getting stoned.

But whether you like it or not, people have moved here for Colorado's marijuana laws. Folks on both sides of the political aisle seem to be uniting in the idea that legal marijuana is not only good for Colorado, but it's probably here for good. Colorado's regulation of marijuana has been deemed a success by most, to the point that other countries are looking at our state as an example of how to correctly legalize it. Colorado is at the heart of a significant social revolution, and most smokers and non-tokers alike seem to agree that it's a good thing.

If you don't smoke, consider April 20 a day to celebrate the $247 million of tax revenue Colorado hauled in from the ganja in 2017.

Because celebrating our state shouldn't be done behind a desk.
Because celebrating our state shouldn't be done behind a desk.
Colorado Haunted History

3. Colorado Day (August 1)
Our gorgeous state is filled with adventures in every nook and cranny, and there's no way you can explore all of them even in a lifetime. If there is going to be an extra holiday on the calendar that celebrates getting outside and enjoying Colorado, why not make it on the day celebrating where we live?

Not to mention, the 4th of July falls on the worst day of the week this year (it's on a Wednesday, yuck!), so perhaps this year more than others, a get-outside Wednesday in August would go over pretty darn well.

When the beer flows like honey.
When the beer flows like honey.
Shutter Stock/Westword Photo Illustration

2. Rockies Home Opener
If you're new to Denver, the Rockies' home opener is basically St. Patrick's Day, except twenty-somethings spill Coors Light all over purple shirts instead of their green ones. 

Many already take off work on the Rockies home opener (this year's falls on Friday, April 6) to fill up Coors Field's 50,000+ seats. Others take off to enjoy the wide range of festivities in downtown Denver, from drinking at a bar to drinking in the Rockpile. Regardless of where exactly you drink, it's a fun time, and you'd be a super-cool boss if you gave your employees that day off to enjoy instead of having to deal with an office suddenly vacated because of "doctor's appointments."

Plus, the Rockies made the playoffs last year and look pretty good again in 2018, so why not have a day off and maybe enjoy a few brews on Blake Street on the first Friday of April?

Don't be hung over at work.
Don't be hung over at work.

1. The Monday After the Super Bowl
If you actually care about the game, you've got a casual drink in your hand for three hours, and the next thing you know you're at the office thirty minutes late with a pounding headache. If you don't care about the game, the only way to get through it is by crushing a Trader Joe's box of wine or five. And with Tom Brady and the Patriots playing in their 901st consecutive Super Bowl, that'll probably only up the ante in terms of average-drinks-per-Colorado-household. Either way, you deserve Monday off.

And heaven forbid the Broncos actually find a quarterback and win one of these things again. Obviously, this would require three days off: one for the post-game hangover, another for the parade in front of Amazon Field at Mile High, and a third for the post-parade hangover.

Do it, bosses. Make the Monday after the Super Bowl a day off, once and for all.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.