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Reader: Everyone Wants to Be the Last Person to Move to Colorado

The housing market is hot, and so are tempers.
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Denver's housing market is still red-hot, according to a just-released report from the Denver Metro Association of Realtors...and anyone who's tried to buy a house around here lately. Even during the pandemic, prices are rising, with the average cost for a single-family home in greater Denver in August hitting $606,330, a new record.

As many commenters noted, that's an average cost, not the median cost; they point to plenty of houses under $600,000 on the market outside Denver city limits. And our readers had plenty of other things to say in their Facebook comments regarding our story about that $600,000-plus average, and the hot housing market.

This house at 42nd and Zenobia is listed for over $600,000.
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Says Richard:
Seller’s market and a shortage of available properties. You have to be a fool to buy right now.
Responds John: 
Folks who bought last year are glad they did. Next year people who didn't buy now will be kicking themselves! Interest is now in the 2s! Unprecedented. Job growth and immigration to Denver is predicted to continue at high levels.
Comments Christopher:
Housing prices keep going up, people keep showing up. Eventually something has to give.
Notes Tonia:
In the last few months we have asked people to shut up and stay home, we have terrorized the most vulnerable, now all of sudden the value of the homes are out of reach for most of us, the homelessness is being hidden, and my neighborhood is turning into a battleground. Can someone explain to me, in a simple way, why?
Suggests Chris:
I’m buying a house in/near Denver this year, and I’m 29. I moved here five years ago, I started a business. Saying prices are too high without action is complaining, complaining don’t solve anything. Leverage your personal value and make more $$$!
Counters Erika:
Denver is definitely not what it used to be. It’s gone.

And then there's this from Michael:
Of course, people were saying the same thing when I moved here in 1972. Hell, I bet the Arapaho said that when the first white settlers showed up. As someone once said, everyone wants to be the very last person to move to Colorado.
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