Denver International Airport's runway #selfie contest comes in for a landing

In our post 9/11 world, it doesn't seem like a very good idea to encourage regular people to venture out onto the runway at a major commercial airport, but that isn't stopping the folks at Denver International Airport, who created the #LoveDIA contest on Twitter.

"Want to take a #selfie on a runway?" read the rules of the contest, which ends on July 31. "Tweet us why you think @DENairport is America's favorite connecting hub and use #LoveDIA for a chance to win an exclusive photo op!"

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The winner will be selected at random. Oh, and that person has to be able to pass a background check, according to the small print.

Okay, okay. It would be pretty cool to take a selfie on a DIA runway, and it's nice to see the airport relax a little -- especially in an era in which travel has become so tense.

Then again, back in 2009, the last time there was unauthorized activity on the runway at DIA (that we know of), it involved a female airport employee and a Denver firefighter, who used a $2.5 million state-of-the-art mobile command vehicle as their own personal sex machine, repeatedly hooking up in the truck, according to Channel 4. The only problem -- aside from the fact that the vehicle was designed more for runway emergencies and repairing bridges than for what the media outlet described as "sex romps" -- was that their fun was captured by a motion-activated camera on board.

Talk about a selfie! So be careful what you wish for.

It's also hard to imagine a more dangerous place to take a photo of yourself with your phone than in the path of a large airliner. In the center lanes of I-70 on a Friday night, perhaps? On top on Long's Peak during a snowstorm? In the Denver County Jail as a sheriff's deputy approaches?

These obstacles could explain why the contest doesn't appear to have caught fire on Twitter, but it has inspired a few interesting tweets, including these:

-- I LOVE DIA because it's my 2nd home. I'm here every week, sometimes twice per week and DIA has the friendliest staff. #LoveDIA

-- I love that when you drive from Denver to DIA you nearly end up in Weld County... Light rail 21 years later though so it's OK. #LoveDIA

-- I heart @DENAirport because there are healthy options in every terminal and the art is wicked sick. #LoveDIA #runwayselfie #onmybike?

-- The scary, but interesting art, the scary, but interesting Bluecifer, the New Belgium, the cleanliness, the Taco Bell. Everything! #LoveDIA

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