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Denver Is the Third Best City for Singles, According to Recent Survey

WalletHub, which calls itself the 'Social Network for your Wallet', recently released the best and worst cities for singles. After calculating for 25 key metrics, Denver came in third out of 150 of the most populated U.S. cities.

Denver scored high in Mobile Dating Opportunities, Number of Nightlife Options per capita, and Number of Cafes per capita. So if you're sliding through your Tinder options at your local cafe, WalletHub says you'll have a good chance of finding an affordable date.

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Two key dimensions were weighed when crunching the numbers: the "economics of dating," for which Denver came in 35th, and "romance and fun," where Denver scored better, weighing in at ninth place. Within those dimensions things like the price of a meal or the number of singles in the area were taken into account.

And while Denver ranked third overall, it wasn't the only Colorado city on the list: Colorado Springs came it at 11th, and Aurora came in 46th. Most importantly, all three can feel superior to Yonkers, New York, raked 150th.

But dating can be pricey. According to's Singles in America survey, single people spent a collective $82 billion on dating in the U.S. last year, and going on a classic dinner-and-movie date can run upward of $100 in some places.

So, WalletHub asked various experts in finance, sociology, and economics what tips they had for dating on a budget.

Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor at the University of Washington, for instance, told WalletHub that people who are on a budget can use public services, like tennis courts and other park facilities or the public library, when considering a dating location, because none of those things has a financial stigma to it.

The message from both Lake Forest College economics professor Les R. Diabay and American University finance professor Larry Schrenk is simple: save, and start saving early. "Save so that you become the sort of person who always saves," Schrenk says.

On the other end of the equation, the experts also weighed in on what cities can do to attract singles to the area.

Kassia Wosick, a professor of sociology at New Mexico State University, advised cities to focus on the things that everyone needs. "Cities that are the most appealing for singles may involve, yes, a pool of other eligible singles, but they ultimately provide affordable housing, quality job and career opportunities, diverse entertainment options, and are understanding and supportive of the single lifestyle," she says.

So go ahead and paint the town red, single Denverites. WalletHub says you can find a match romantically, and economically, without heading out of town.

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