Denver Men with Heart auction gets pumping

On the block.

What’s an independent, socially-conscious woman to do these days when her ‘To Do’ list keeps growing? And where can she find a man that will fix her faucet, keep her fit, and teach her to fly a plane all in one place? At the Denver Men with Heart auction hosted by the Denver Center for Crime Victims and taking place today, October 23.

More than 25 guys will auction off their talents and skills to the highest bidder – and all for a good cause. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the DCCV, a nonprofit agency that provides services to victims of crime and crime prevention education. With its success, the DCCV hopes this will become an annual event.

“It's something I can do for an organization that does a lot for women in need,” said John 'JJ' Elstad, who is donating his twenty years of American Sign Language skills in lessons and interpreter services that normally range from $50-75 per hour.

Other items on the block include: two hour flights in Denver Police Department's Air One Helicopter; Nigerian drumming lessons; artwork by award-winning local artist Jack Price; electrical, plumbing and veterinary services; and massage sessions.

Tickets to the auction are $20, and the event runs from 4-7 p.m. at the Cork House Wine Restaurant, 4900 East Colfax Avenue. For more information, contact the Denver Center for Crime Victims at 303-860-0660 or log onto -- Elena Brown

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