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Reader: Affordable Houses Near Denver? Try Kansas

A fixer-upper for $229,000 with a Golden address.
A fixer-upper for $229,000 with a Golden address. Zillow
In this red-hot real estate market, finding an affordable home near metro Denver has become almost impossible. The further out you go, the longer your commute — and there are other compromises, too. Our recent list of some of the most affordable properties within thirty miles of Denver included a tiny cabin with a Golden address, as well as other fixer-uppers.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of this story, readers offer their own suggestions on where deals can still be found: Says Jake: 
Like 25+ miles north out of the metro area. Basically, Greeley. Go south and you hit the expensive-as-fuck places like Parker and Castle Rock
Suggests Zak:
Cheyenne to the north, Sterling to the northeast, past Limon to the east, Pueblo to the south and Grand Junction to the west. That's how far you need to go from Denver before housing costs become less ridiculous.
Asks Rinaz: 
Do you know that Aurora exists?
Responds TJ:
Aurora is cheaper by square foot still, but the prices are increasing faster then Denver at this point because it has always been known to be cheaper. South Aurora has always been more expensive, but anything near Fitzsimons is going for the mid 400s at this point, south of Sixth easily into the 500s. The only area in Aurora that you may struck luck in, is on any side of Colfax and west of Peoria, but it's rapidly changing for the better. Of course there are some variables, including the size of the home and the condition, but that's anywhere in the metro.
Offers Santana:
The other side of the mountains
Responds Elizabeth
And enjoy paying a ton of money for some crap built in 1970 with few updates — when you do find “affordable.” Oh, and watch out for wildfires: We are constantly on fire, it’s not even news anymore. We are literally always on fire somewhere in this state. Did I mention? We are running out of water but the government keeps issuing residential building permits like they’re going out of style? Quality of life down, costs up, future frightening.
Concludes Clara:
East.... like Kansas or, Northeast ... like Nebraska.
How far would you live outside Denver in order to buy an affordable house? And would you commute to a job in the city? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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