How Far From Downtown Denver You Have to Move to Find an Affordable Home

1810 West 11th Street in Loveland is currently on sale for $350,000. It's located just over 46 miles from downtown Denver.
1810 West 11th Street in Loveland is currently on sale for $350,000. It's located just over 46 miles from downtown Denver. Google Maps
Finding an affordable home in Denver proper has been a near-impossible task for many house hunters of late, thanks to a local real estate market that has been red-hot for more than a year. But how far away from downtown must someone move in order to find a place that won't make a grown wallet cry?

We put that question to Jim Smith of Golden Real Estate, one of the most knowledgeable observers of the recent boom, as well as a wizard with data. Statistics he assembled at Westword's request, pertaining to listings active as of October 27, demonstrate that there are indeed some less spendy options available to buyers, but only if they're willing to put down stakes well outside the city limits.

"Within 25 miles of downtown Denver, there are only 91 active listings up to $400,000," Smith notes, adding, "There are 290 listings up to that price on REcolorado...that are over 25 miles but under 100 miles from downtown."

The following list of properties on sale for $400,000 or less between 25 and 30 miles from downtown include a few communities that would be considered part of greater Denver, such as Golden and Boulder — though some of the abodes there appear to be townhomes rather than detached single-family dwellings. And one of the Golden listings is a cabin without a kitchen.

Other homes are in outlying towns such as Fort Lupton, Firestone, Idaho Springs, Sedalia, Bennett, Hudson, Black Hawk and Central City. Getting from there to Denver would definitely take a lot of time on an assortment of highways. Here's the rundown:

25.2 mi: 43 Circle Road, Golden  — $229,000
25.3 mi: 5124 Williams Fork Trail Unit, Boulder — $339,900
25.3 mi: 103 Olde Carter Lake Road, Golden — $229,900
25.5 mi: 536 Park Avenue, Fort Lupton — $319,999
25.9 mi: 107 Jackson Drive, Firestone — $283,000
26.9 mi: 257 Mountain View Drive, Idaho Springs — $200,000
27.0 mi: 647 Old Little Bear Creek Road, Idaho Springs — $279,000
27.5 mi: 1089 Laramie Boulevard Unit # A, Boulder — $295,000
28.1 mi: 1763 Hidden Valley Road, Sedalia — $224,900
28.1 mi: 31 Wagon Wheel Trail, Black Hawk — $359,999
28.2 mi: 326 E 1st High Street, Central City — $279,000
28.3 mi: 12952 Pine Creek Lane, Sedalia — $350,000
28.6 mi: 2167 Hidden Valley Road, Sedalia — $299,900
28.7 mi: 805 Colorado Boulevard, Idaho Springs — $400,000
28.8 mi: 25 Cedar Street, Hudson — $391,000
28.9 mi: 924 Madison Way, Bennett — $290,000
29.1 mi: 127 Elk Place, Black Hawk — $350,000
29.1 mi: 285 Coolidge Court, Bennett — $400,000
29.3 mi: 140 Coolidge Court, Bennett — $375,000
29.3 mi 905 Main Street, Hudson — $250,000
29.4 mi: 68 Lower Russell Gulch Road, Central City — $350,000
29.5 mi: 440 Washington Avenue, Bennett — $290,000
29.9 mi: 313 Baker Street, Longmont — $329,000
29.9 mi: 411 Sleepy Hollow, Black Hawk — $339,000
30.0 mi: 227 Silver Springs Road, Bailey — $400,000

As this roster demonstrates, houses can still be found within commuting distance from Denver for less than $400,000 — but that drive would be a bear.
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