Vote "yes" on Amendments 47, 49 and 54 -- or else union operatives will shoot this dog.

Denver Metro Young Republicans come up with best campaign ads ever

Believe your eyes. What you see above is an actual campaign ad (or at least a satire of one) courtesy of the Denver Metro Young Republicans, whose cleverness inspired an article in today's Rocky Mountain News. DMYR was offended by a recent anti-47, 49 and 54 mailling funded by Protect Colorado's Future -- or, as the fledgling conservatives refer to it, "Protect Colorado's Culture of Corruption." If that organization can base its campaign on fiction, writes the author of this DMYR page, "why can’t we make up our own absurd, dishonest and emotionally manipulative ads in favor of these amendments?" The example above is accompanied by a bummed-out kitten ad that's just as amusing. Check it out below. -- Michael Roberts

The small-print copy in the kitten ad reads:

"Kittens are soft and fuzzy and cute, and perform essential mousing services and provide a sense of warmth and good feeling in our lives. If kittens are sad, they can't do any of these valuable things.

"Out of state Big Labor wants you to vote against Amendments 47, 49 and 54. But if you do, you'll be making kittens across Colorado sad. Very sad. So sad they just might cry.

"Don't make Colorado's kittens cry!"

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