Denver Nuggets Dancers finalize 2011-2012 roster (PHOTOS)

In May, we told you about prep classes for the Denver Nuggets Dancers squad -- all part of the exhaustive audition process. And this week, we're getting a look at the seventeen contestants who made the final cut.

Now that your boss has walked by, you can look at these photos...

In an Aaron J. Lopez report about the announcement, coach Amy Jo Wagner says: "The girls worked extremely hard for two weeks. Everyone did a phenomenal job. The seventeen we chose showed they can dance in sync, pick up choreography very quickly and have the work ethic needed to make it through a long and strenuous NBA season."

July is famously a boring time for sports: baseball's yet to get exciting, and NFL training camp hasn't started, making the timing here perfect.

Look below to see a full gallery, which is also posted on Nuggets.com.

More from our Sports archive: "Nuggets dancers photo gallery: At least this part of the team is in good shape."

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