Denver Post Gives King Soopers Another Big, Wet Kiss

This May 27 More Messages blog wagged a finger (guess which one) at the Denver Post for plugging King Soopers in a portion of its Sunday, May 25 front page typically devoted to editorial copy after the company invested in an oversized advertisement that encased the comics section. Cut to the Sunday, June 1 edition, when the Post repeated the feat. "Comic Relief," read the item included in the banner directly beneath the paper's flag. "Look inside the King Soopers ad to find your favorite funnies."

Talk about a telling moment of déjà vu. What might have been excused the first time around as a one-time error in judgment suddenly looks like a contractual obligation.

The first mention was dubious, but the Post could have claimed it was included to help readers find the comics amid the usual flurry of fliers, etc. -- a weak argument, but one execs could have offered with a relatively straight face. This time around, though, such a claim loses any and all credibility. The obvious conclusion: Business siders are so desperate for ad buyers that they're willing to put prime editorial real estate up for sale to anyone willing to pay the price.

What's next? A King Soopers wrap around the entire paper, with a blurb advising subscribers to "look inside the King Soopers ad to find the news"? Maybe that's what we've got to look forward to next Sunday. -- Michael Roberts

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