Denver Public Schools Bashed on Social Media for Late Snow Day Call — Again

We seem to remember a saying that goes something like this: Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

But apparently the folks at Denver Public Schools don't.

In February 2015, we reported about criticism of DPS for the lateness of a snow-day call — a delay that prompted widespread ire on social media.

Cut to yesterday evening, as the spring blizzard that had closed schools that day was finally winding down. That's when DPS announced that schools would be open on Thursday, albeit with a one-hour delayed start for some (but not all) facilities, in the following tweet:

Plenty of other schools and districts made different decisions, announcing last night that the closure would be extended to today as a result of icy road conditions. But in the beginning, at least, DPS stuck by its guns.

Lots of parents were frustrated by this stance, as exemplified by the following posts shared on the DPS Facebook page:
We live in Green Valley Ranch and my son attends East High School. We have over 18 inches in our street, which will never get plowed, and it is unlikely he will be able to make it out of the neighborhood to make it to class on time, if at all. My commute home today from Highlands Ranch took 3 hours, and I left at noon. The prudent thing for DPS to do is cancel classes tomorrow (3/24) and let the plows and mother nature create a safe driving environment, but that's probably more common sense than DPS is capable of.

My family lives in an apartment and it hasn't been plowed. Everyone is getting stuck TRYING to back cars out to ATTEMPT to leave. I really think what was slush today will become ice over night and the drive to school would put all the children as well as whoever drives them to school in extreme unnecessary danger. Reconsider please.

Why can't you just close down DPS because everywhere else in Colorado is closed. We have at least 8 inches and most parents don't have proper cars to get through.
This morning, DPS finally blinked, sending out a new tweet during the 4 a.m. hour announcing that schools and administrative offices would be closed today, too.

Lesson learned? Maybe not.

Here's a DPS video about how school closures are determined.

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