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Readers Talk Trash About Denver's Bins and Dumpsters

Charlotte Pitt heads Denver Recycles and Solid Waste Management.
Charlotte Pitt heads Denver Recycles and Solid Waste Management. Anthony Camera
Yesterday was Earth Day, and while many people renewed their commitment to recycling and keeping the environment as clean as possible, others were talking trash about Denver's new bin system. Dumpsters are scheduled to be eliminated by the end of the year, according to Denver Recycles and Solid Waste Management, and some readers already miss them. Says Monte:
My street got worse after the switch. I live in an area with a lot of dumping; now people just throw stuff in the alley. It's not uncommon for me to find cases of rotting produce dumped right behind my yard. I don't have a solution to offer and I know the dumpsters are not coming back.
Responds Rocio: 
The bin system in my neighborhood works pretty well. Bins are usually emptied before noon and everybody clears the alley the same night or afternoon after collection day. The app works pretty well, reminding you when to put your trash out and what is being collected. To me this a much better approach than having a filled stinky dumpster where everything is mixed. So maybe this is about educating people to know how it works and show them the tools to make things easier, rather than saying no without trying it first.
But then there's this from Bob: 
The trash service is a racket. They will randomly not show up or claim your trash can is six inches too close to another trash can and just leave it. Every single possible holiday will throw off your trash service, like Chinese New Year and Cesar Chavez day. And the worst part of all, they only pick up recycling every other week. It's a JOKE!!! I have a tiny little recycling bin that is overfilled after a week, easy.  And if it's too overfilled, get this: THEY WON'T PICK IT UP!
Has your neighborhood lost its dumpsters? What do you think of the new system? Read more about it in Ana Campbell's "Down on the Dumpsters."
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