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Reader: Denver Road Systems Are Crap!

Evan Semon
Would you commute for well over an hour — each way — for a job in the Denver area?

According to a new study, there are approximately 4.6 million workers in the United States whose commutes last ninety minutes or more each way. And Denver is among the national leaders.

"In the greater Denver region, there are 37,000 super commuters comprising 2.1 percent of the regional workforce," says economist Chris Salviati, who co-authored the Apartment List study. "Among fifty regions that we analyzed, Denver ranked fifteenth for the number of super commuters and 25th for the share of super commuters."

While working remotely during the pandemic stalled some super commuters, the numbers are on the rise again. "Remote work will certainly eliminate some commutes, but for some workers, it could actually lead to longer commutes that are undertaken less frequently," Salviati notes. "Overall, it is unlikely that remote work alone will significantly alleviate the problem of super commuting."

And the challenges, judging from the comments on the Westword Facebook post of our super-commuter story. Says James:
How is this even a thing? I’ve never worked more than five miles from where I live. The money you spend on gas traveling three hours each day can get you a place closer to where you work. The economics of this just don’t add up.
Explains Christopher:
Adds Leslie:
This is because Denver road systems are crap — only a few major north/south and east/west higher speedways. Not enough reliable and safe public transit. I’d use a subway system if there was one!
Suggests Katie:
Also because our highways are ridiculous. See 270 westbound between Quebec and Vasquez or eastbound between I-25 and Colorado. Always, always backed up.
Recalls Andrew:
I'm in Denver. About seven years ago my job was in Longmont. While the morning commute wasn't terrible — probably about 45 minutes on an average morning — the evening commute was rough, especially if the Rockies were in town. That drive often stretched to the 75-90 minute commute.
Concludes Brian:
Work from home!
What do you think of Denver's roads? How long is your commute? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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