Reader: How About Resurfacing Denver Streets, Not Renaming Them!

Reader: How About Resurfacing Denver Streets, Not Renaming Them!

Readers were both alarmed and amused by plans to rename Brighton Boulevard, the major thoroughfare through the booming RiNo neighborhood. The road is currently the focus of a major city upgrade, since it marks the start of Denver's Corridor of Opportunity from downtown to the airport. But some residents think the city has more important things to focus on, especially as spring also marks the start of pothole season. Says Ben: 

Here's a thought: How about resurfacing some of the neighborhood streets, not renaming them! Try driving down 38th Avenue between Federal and I-25.???

Seconds Dominic: 

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That's funny. I drove down that today and was thinking the same thing.

Adds Dave:

It's like jackhammers on your suspension. It's terrible. 

What's the worst stretch of road you've found in town? And where's the biggest pothole you've encountered?

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