Most Jaw-Dropping Halloween Costume Videos of Denver TV News Stars and More

That's Channel 2's Chris Parente on the right, doing his best Renée Zellweger.
That's Channel 2's Chris Parente on the right, doing his best Renée Zellweger. YouTube
Halloween is just two days away, and so is a related event: television news personalities dressing in costumes to prove they can be just as silly as the rest of us.

Over the years, TV pros in Denver and other parts of Colorado have gotten into this act, producing plenty of "What the hell did I just see?" moments — and given their professions, they've all been caught on video.

Here are five examples that are terrifying, hilarious and often both:

5. Behind the scenes at 9News
On Halloween 2018, then-Colorado & Company host Denise Plante stuck to her typical attire — but not the rest of the 9News crew that typically remains on the other side of the cameras. Outfits include a ghoul, a knight, a food item of some sort and an unusually peppy Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.
4. Colorado Springs anchors go back to the Stone Age
In this undated video from Fox21 in Colorado Springs, morning news teammates Justin Chambers and Craig Coffey resurrect Fred Flintstone and his faithful pal Dino.
3. Dirty dancing
On Halloween 2015, Denver 7's Matt Makens watches in amused horror as Eric Lupher dances off the set.
2. Dueling Renées
While some TV news anchors' Halloween-costume moments make it seem like they were forced to dress up by a producer holding them at gunpoint, Channel 2's Chris Parente is clearly having the time of his life in this 2014 clip, in which he and co-host Kathie J take on multiple personalities — including two different Renée Zellwegers.
1. A Kirk Montgomery moment
It's been seven years since Kirk Montgomery was a 9News staple. He's now on a station in western Michigan, but as this 2019 footage proves, he hasn't lost his knack for clowning around.
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