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Reader: Does This Look Like BeLoLoHi to You?

Reader: Does This Look Like BeLoLoHi to You?
Denver Union Station
Denver Union Station just celebrated its fifth anniversary of reopening as a multi-modal transportation hub, not to mention the city's "living room," after a massive renovation. Over the past five years, the area behind the station has been transformed, too, until every square inch holds new construction, or has at least been claimed for a new project.

The area has apartments, offices, even a Whole Foods. What it doesn't have? A name. Technically, it falls into the Union Station neighborhood on Denver's official list of neighborhoods...but that map is so old it doesn't include LoDo (created as an official historic district in 1988, and stopping right at Wynkoop Street) or RiNo (created as an arts district in 2005, with more fluid borders). Now when you head downtown, though, LoDo and RiNo are common identifying labels, and the area behind Union Station needs one, too.

City and County of Denver

So we asked readers to add to our list of suggestions: Central Platte Valley, The CPV, Behind Union Station, BUS, The Railyard, The Bottoms, The Caboose, Nu Denver and Gotham City. Here's what they offer:

Says Dondrae:  West Point. (It's on the west side of Five Points, and it does have a ring to it.)

From Paul: How about "BOTTOMS UP"?

From Zeyen: MillennialLand. I'm on the tail end of millennials, so I can call it that.

From Jerrod: Panhandle Park.

From Kevin: Overpriced white entitled folks.

From Nick: Broville or Transplantia.

From B Jonathan: Uppityville.

From Gabe: Skid Row. (Throwback to its humble beginnings. The hipsters will find it very authentic.)

From Dave: Well, the one for the new Sloan’s Lake developments is SLSb (Sloan’s Lake South Beach). BeLoLoHi was mentioned, and does seem similarly ridiculous so I like it.

From Austin: Most Boring Place in the City.

From Marshall: PYE ... "Privileged Yoga Enthusiasts"

From Aaron: Taint...a term used to refer to the perineum (the region of the human body between the genitalia (LoDo) and the anus (LoHi).

From Brad: Cabooseville!

From JP : TooExpensive4me. (Ohh Denver. It’s you, not me.)

From Damon: New Union, NewU for hipster purposes.

From Gene: Gentrification, Denverification (either works).

From Jame: What it is. The Tracks.

From John:  Whole Foods Station (aka WhoFooSta)

From Jamie: Goneville or Wasville...or maybe just Boulder?

From KJ Anderson: Lowlands. Highlands is right across the street.

From Louis: Just Coming Through.

From Chris: Bunions = Behind Union Station.

From Mark: Seattle.

From Rachel: Rock Island.

From Jamie: "that fucking part of town"

From Al: The butt end.

From Jeff: River Central.

From Billy:  Knee Hi.

From Chris: Wrong Side of the Tracks.

From Graham: Many of the residents who have recently moved into this area are in the cannabis industry, thus we collectively refer to it as 'Terp Town.'

From Chris: Call it the Turning Point neighborhood, since that’s where the city streets cut to a diagonal from the cardinal directions. Influenced by the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte, and where Denver first broke off from the original settlement of Auraria:  a turning point in the history of our city.

From Jason: ANUS. Area Near Union Station.

Says Nick: Union Square.

From Daniel: Train Yard.

From Mike:  How about “The magical place behind Union Station, where the skaters can’t read the no skating signs, and the tourists are run over by skaters and scooters.” A bit long-winded, sure, but maybe it’ll catch on.

From Nicole: Dumpster Fire.

From Jin: The Crossroads, or Ol’ Reviver, or the Untrained District, or The Fork.

From Tay: When I was a kid, I called it  “no man's land,” but that was long ago.

KJ Anderson Lowlands. Highlands is right across the street. Or the Railyards.

From Louis: Just Coming Through.

From Matt: Transplant Town.

From Stosh: It’s already called River Front or Riverfront Park.

From Beth: Seriously, Union Station.

From Emilano: From the north side, we call that downtown.

And then there's this from Bryan: How about just FUCKING DENVER? Why do we need to name all these neighborhoods? For fuck's sake, what is the point? To increase property values even more astronomically? Figure it out...

And Jared responds: Then residents could be referred to as "Fuds" or "FuDees." It's got possibilities for just the right amount of annoying trendy shorthand. I'm for it.

Do you like any of the suggestions? Have other ideas? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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