Denver Zoo: Which baby animal is the cutest?!?

The cuteness overflow-eth at the Denver Zoo.

This week, the zoo posted photos of its newest baby animals: four Amur tiger cubs born last month. To the surprise of no one with eyes and a heart, the cubs are effing adorable.

But are they the cutest babies the zoo has to offer?

Um, maybe. I dare anyone who's not made of stone to look at the photo below and not involuntarily say, "Awwwww!"

But maybe I'm biased because the tiger cubs are so fluffy-wuffy and I want to squeeze them! So in the interest of fairness, here's a roundup of the other baby animals born at the zoo recently.

Page through to see more effing cuteness!

There sure has been a lot of bow-chicka-wow-wow there lately. But according to zoo spokeswoman Tiffany Barnhart, the zoo hasn't been setting the mood. "No, we are not piping in Barry White to the animal exhibits," she says. As for whether there have been more babies born this year than in the past, Barnhart says the number is the same -- but the babies are cuter. "I think we have a few more charismatic babies," she says. In other words, not lizard babies. Fluffy-wuffy, ultra-squeezable tiger babies.

So, dear reader, which baby do you think is the cutest?

The cuteness continues below:

And just for good measure ... another tiger cub photo!

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